Buceo | Certified Open Water Divers!


buceo, diving, scuba, padi, lago ilopango, oceanicaIn between dives.It’s done: Kail and I are certified open water divers! We completed our third and fourth open water dives yesterday at Lake Ilopango, the final steps to completing our diving certification.buceo, diving, scuba, padi, lago ilopango, oceanicaKail changes his tank.It was awesome! And went much better than our first two open water dives (i.e. did not have a panic attack). Like last time, we went to two different spots in Lake Ilopango again: one spot where you can find different volcanic rock formations and another spot in roughly the same area where we did our second dive to finish off some skills practice.buceo, diving, scuba, padi, lago ilopango, oceanicaI did not find these.Although when we first started descending I was once again a little bit freaked out by the darkness (you basically cannot see anything for the first 20-30 feet underwater in the lake) I felt more comfortable generally with the equipment, being in the water and most importantly, equalizing, so my ears felt much better this time around. It was also fun because our friend Allen from work joined us to do a “refresher” dive — he’s already certified but it had been a couple years since his last buceo.buceo, diving, scuba, padi, lago ilopango, oceanicaDavid, our instructor.For our third dive, we did some mask-clearing practice and (unsuccessfully, for me) tried to find some cool volcanic rocks. For our fourth dive, we did more skills practice: removing our masks completely, replacing them and clearing them, and practicing floating at neutral buoyancy in the water. I still don’t really know how to do the latter very well, although I think I was slightly better yesterday than during our first two dives.buceo, diving, scuba, padi, lago ilopango, oceanicaEl equipo Oceanica.The one thing I really didn’t like is that it is so murky and hard to see in the lake. David said there is a list of the creepiest places in the world to dive, and Lake Ilopango is on it. I can see why. So I’m looking forward to what a different experience it will be diving in clear waters, where you can see the bottom from 50 or 100 feet away. Just because are leaving El Salvador in a couple months, don’t think we aren’t taking advantage of the last few holidays and long weekends to travel and bucear!I’m so glad we decided to get certified (or I should say: I’m so glad we went snorkeling in Hawaii and I decided that, despite my fear, I should at least give it a try, and Kail could finally take the classes, which he has been wanting to do the entire time we’ve lived here)! If you are in El Salvador and interested in buceo, I highly recommend Oceanica.How was your weekend?

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6 thoughts on “Buceo | Certified Open Water Divers!

  1. That is so cool! My husband has been wanting to learn for the longest time. I’m terrified, though. I think it’s because of a book I read as a teenager where there was diving in the story and on the way up the person got the bends. Haha! Sounds silly now that I say it out loud, but it is what it is. We also went snorkeling a few years ago and my feet went into terrible foot cramps because of the flippers. I could not swim with the things on, so that freaks me out now, too. I know one of these days I’ll have to support my husband and get certified with him, but until then I’m just plain scared! Loved reading your experience!


    1. Haha. Well, as for the bends, part of the certification goes over how to descend/ascend properly so you don’t have to worry about that! The fins I guess take a while to get used to, but in the end they make it much easier to swim! Your husband can find a friend to dive with in the meantime — and maybe one day you’ll come around. :)Thanks for commenting!


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