Project Life: El Salvador | Up to Date


project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, el salvador scrapbookI have completed my El Salvador scrapbook, also known as Project Life, to date. It only took me about two months to get caught up on nearly a year and a half of my life. I even have our R&R in Hawaii and our recent hiking adventure on the Izalco volcano in there.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, el salvador scrapbookProject Life spread on Halloween and Marine Ball, 2012.I guess two months might seem like a long time, but considering that I was traveling for 10 days in January (and adding to my ever-growing collection of scrapbook-worthy keepsakes and memorabilia), I’m quite proud of this accomplishment. Not to mention the fact that we have gone on So. Many. Trips.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, el salvador scrapbookAntigua, DC & camping.We have traveled to Copán (twice), Antigua (three times), DC and Virginia, Kingston and Niagara Falls, Granada, Panama City and Hawaii. We’ve run several road and trail races. We’ve camped (twice), we’ve hiked, we’ve toured Mayan ruins, we’ve attended cultural festivals … the list goes on.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, el salvador scrapbookWe’ve seen holidays come and go — and come and go again: Halloween, ThanksgivingChristmas, New Year’s. Birthdays and anniversaries and job changes and big events at work.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, el salvador scrapbookIf it’s not obvious by now, I really enjoyed working on my scrapbook of our time in El Salvador so far. On the one hand, it made me so happy, reliving all our memories and looking through photos, blog posts, random coasters from restaurants and other souvenirs. On the other hand, it made me feel nostalgic and a little sad knowing our time here is coming to a close somewhat soon.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, el salvador scrapbookBut then I think about what the future has in store for us — the knowns and the unknowns — and it’s pretty exciting. I mean, think about all the scrapbooking possibilities!project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, el salvador scrapbookNary a menu nor map goes to waste!My goal is to keep this project to a manageable level — something I can update every week or every couple weeks as I’m editing photos and writing blog posts.  I’m planning to take this binder with us to Afghanistan to help keep our spirits up. I love my blog and reading through old posts is fun, but having a physical object in your hands is just a different experience.If you’ve been thinking about scrapbooking but don’t think you have the time, I highly recommend Project Life.What have you been crafting in 2014?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

6 thoughts on “Project Life: El Salvador | Up to Date

  1. I’ve been wanting to scrapbook but always feel so intimidated by the piles and piles of things that need organizing, etc. This way looks pretty manageable and seems a good place to start.


    1. Yeah scrapbooking can be complicated if you let it get that way! I tried to incorporate what I could in terms of ticket stubs, maps, etc. but the point of Project Life is to make it easy and manageable so you can stay up to date and don’t abandon the project. You should try it!


  2. !! Another FS Scrapbooker! I love (LOVE LOVE) pocket scrapbooking. It’s the only way I’ve been able to to stay caught up as we’ve moved around the world.


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