Free Healthcare for Tourists in Panama


healthcare for tourists, panama, seguro para turistasAnother reason to visit Panama: free health insurance for 30 days. Of course, there’s fine print: It only applies to medical emergencies — and not all — to foreigners and Panamanians living abroad who enter the country through Tocumen International Airport. So if you arrive by boat or car, you’re out of for tourists, panama, seguro para turistasAlso, preexisting conditions — including pregnancy — are not covered, so no getting knocked up elsewhere and flying to Panama to deliver the baby. It also does not apply to natural “phenomena” (i.e. disasters) or injuries as a result of extreme sports. I don’t know whether volcano hiking and that type of thing would be considered “extreme sports.” If you sprain an ankle, then what? Hopefully I will never have to find out.Also, Kail and I have a health insurance plan for Foreign Service families that includes some level of international coverage. I fortunately have not had the occasion to test the limits of that coverage. Beyond prescription medication by mail, I haven’t had to use our health insurance abroad thanks to a great health unit at the embassy. And as I’ve already written, dental care is very inexpensive.In any case, it’s an interesting benefit for/strategy to attract tourists in Panama. Have you ever had a medical emergency while traveling or living abroad?

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