Kabul, Confirmed


kabul, afghanistan, foreign service, CPC, flag day, afghanistan flag, usaidI accepted a job in Kabul so it looks like we are definitely both going to Afghanistan for our next tour. I wouldn’t say I’m excited per se — not the same way I was really looking forward to moving to El Salvador (albeit with a mix of nervousness and anticipation). But I do think the opportunity presents an exciting professional challenge. And most of all, I’m glad Kail and I will be together.I know I joked about “leaning on” Kail and not taking my career/professional skills seriously, but the truth is I am probably going to be working for a long time because a) It’s what I do — I’m a worker bee and I like being busy and b) More to the point — as Kail is fond of pointing out, I “like stuff.” Stuff being: anything from Amazon Prime, traveling/vacations, dining out and things that costs money. (I scoffed, then proceeded to buy new running shoes on Zappos.)When we first found out about Afghanistan, my number one goal was to get a job, any job, that would mean we could stay together. But I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of opportunities for EFMs to work at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul that not only seemed interesting and challenging, but were right in line with my professional background and skills. So I applied for some jobs, had a couple interviews, received a couple offers and made a choice.As a congratulatory gift, Kail bought me a mini Afghanistan flag (pictured above) for my own personal Flag Day celebration (when FSOs receive their first assignments, it’s at a ceremony called “Flag Day” where everyone’s names are called out and they receive small flags, along with the revelation of their countries of destination).Where are you headed for your next post?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

24 thoughts on “Kabul, Confirmed

  1. Congrats!! I’m not that far along yet (waiting to finish the security clearance process to get put on State’s register), but this is something that my partner and I have also talked about doing. I wouldn’t want us to be separated and would definitely want to do a place like Afghanistan before kids. Did you consider it for your first post, as well?


    1. Thanks! For USAID officers, the first post is directed, meaning they have no say in the matter. So, we did not consider Kabul — or El Salvador, or any place! — for our first post. First-tour junior officers would not be sent to a CPC (what State calls AIP), but some people who entered as mid-level officers in my husband’s DLI class (kind of like State’s A-100s) did get assigned to CPCs for their first tours. Good luck!


  2. Hey! I’ll likely be coming to you soon to talk about this process. We’ve definitely thrown AIP into the pot for our next post, and I am curious about the availability of jobs, when you applied, etc etc etc.


    1. I’m happy to answer any questions about my experience with the EFM hiring process. It was a super-efficient/quick process: I submitted my applications exactly one week after Kail found out he was posted to Kabul, which I think was like, the last week of September. Feel free to email me any Qs!


  3. Ps how much longer are you in El Salvador?! John and I may drop Q off w his parents in order to do a long wknd w y’all before you’re too far away for a visit!


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