My First Chili Cookoff


chili cookoff, cincinatti chili, chili tastingI participated in my first chili cookoff over the weekend, using my Cincinnati chili recipe. I did not win. I did, however, sample no less than 15 types of delicious chili, ranging from chicken chili to chili with pineapples to so-hot-you-can’t-feel-your-face seven-chili network cincinnati chili, cold-weather recipes, chili recipe, cincinnati chili, chili mac, chili cheese, chocolate chiliArchive photo: My Cincinnati chili, three-way.The chili cookoff was hosted at the Marine House as a fundraiser. Contenders got in free, but everyone else had to pay $5. The first-place winner got $40, the second-place winner got $20 and the third-place winner got a $10 voucher for the Marine House.Each of the 15 chilis was assigned a number for anonymity. Tasting cups — labeled 1 to 15 — were set out for voters to sample. Voters then had to circle the number of their favorite chili on a ballot and place it in the ballot box. After voting closed and winners were announced, all the chilis were set out buffet-style for everyone to help themselves to their favorite chili(s). Yum.I did not serve my chili with anything but the stew itself (although I did bake some cornbread) — no noodles, no cheese, no sour cream, no extra raw onions. There were a few toppings that were set out for people to use, but for the most part I sampled the chilis plain so I could really get a sense of the flavor.The winning chili definitely had some heat, but it was a good level of spice. The second-place winner, last year’s defending champion, was SUPER hot, but it was prepared by my Mexican friend Melisa, who has been known to carry chili peppers in her purse. Nothing a little beer (or other, milder chili) can’t fix!Have you ever participated in (entered or attended) a chili cookoff? What’s your favorite style of chili?

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