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Despite all the repeated warnings, I foolishly let my Google Reader disappear into oblivion without backing up any of my subscriptions onto another service (like Feedly, which I use now). This necessitated some searching of the interwebs to remember all the blogs and sites I had followed so I could resubscribe. Life is hard.You, dear readers, are probably wiser and anticipated the shutdown of Google Reader, enjoying a seamless transition of blog reading. The point of all this? That if you’ve been following my blog using an RSS feed reader, you might not have noticed the recent redesign or some new features.

blog redesign, wordpress blog, twentythirteen child theme, twenty thirteen child theme

Same blog, new look.For one, I created a new banner with different photos (all taken por mí) of El Salvador (Lake Coatepeque, Ruta de las Flores and Costa del Sol), Antigua and Copán. I also updated the layout to a three-column layout (main post area + two sidebars), which is the same for the home page and individual pages and blog posts.One of the new features I’m most excited about are the “Things to Do” buttons in the right-most sidebar, which will take you in a single click to posts about sights to see, restaurants to enjoy and places to visit.ThingstoDoElSalvadorThe Things to Do: El Salvador button has the most content naturally, but my hope is that the more places we visit and the more countries we live in, the more suggestions about things to do I’ll have.Since this is a blog post about my blog, I’m going to go ahead and throw in another shameless plug of self-promotion: La Vie Overseas is on Facebook and Twitter, so if you don’t like/follow my blog already, please do so now!

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You might be thinking, I already read your blog — why do I need to follow you on Facebook and Twitter too? Because I post exclusive content on Facebook and Twitter. And by “exclusive content” I mean stuff I don’t put on the blog. And by “stuff” I mean photos and video.For serious though, I’m trying to make more of an effort to offer algo más on Facebook and Twitter: photos of the day, short videos from Vine and Instagram, short previews of upcoming posts.I’m open to suggestions on what else you’d like to see on Facebook and Twitter or even blog post ideas. What makes compelling content?

— end self promotion —

Published by La Vie Overseas

I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

8 thoughts on “New Blog Look + Social Networks

    1. Thanks! My web design knowledge is pretty limited so if I wanted to do a major overhaul I’d have to either learn a TON or pay someone. But my blog isn’t exactly getting a lot of traffic so for now, it’s DIY all the way. Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out. I am amazed at how much your blog (and your fitness/healthy living journey) has changed and grown since I started reading it a couple years ago. But I love keeping up with your training (running and Crossfit), new gear and travels!


  1. Love the redesign! And I think the sidebar “things to do” adds a lot. You’re filling a void with the things to do El Sal section. Excited to read about more places you add!


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