Outdoor Activities in Kingston, Ontario


canada, kingston, ontario, lake ontario, park, running, bikingAs I mentioned earlier in the week, Kingston, Ontario is full of things to do outdoors: walking, running, biking, kayaking, sailing, you name it. I definitely took advantage of these opportunities and the relative safety and freedom with which I was able to get around.canada, kingston, ontario, lake ontario, sailing, harbor, thousand island cruise, 1000 island cruiseKail was in class all day the weekdays I was there, but we were able to enjoy some outdoor time together in Kingston the first weekend I arrived. The highlight was a three-hour Heart of the Island Cruise, a tour of the 1,000 Islands complete with lunch and musical/comedic entertainment.canada, kingston, ontario, lake ontario, sailing, harbor, thousand island cruise, 1000 island cruiseOur cruise ship.For me, the best part of Kingston was just being able to walk around. Our hotel was right on the waterfront, along which ran a paved path for walking, running and biking. But beyond that, the heart of “downtown” Kingston — and all of its shops, cafes and restaurants — were accessible on foot.canada, kingston, ontario, lake ontario, sailing, harborWaterfront path.So even though I spent the majority of my days solo, I never got bored. I always had something to do, whether it was taking a trolley tour around the city, running or shopping. One day I rented a bike (actually the rental was for 24 hours so it spanned part of two days) and biked over to Fort Henry for a tour. Later, I headed over to a public park where a bunch of people were sunbathing and swimming and jumped in the lake to cool off (it was surprisingly hot, like in the 90s, sunny and humid most days).canada, kingston, ontario, lake ontario, parkPark overlooking the lake.Kingston is full of beautifully landscaped public spaces: green parks, waterfront paths, town squares. Perfect for sitting with my Kindle and catching up on book club(s) reading.canada, kingston, ontario, lake ontario, kayaking, ahoy rentalsIn addition to a ton of walking, running and biking, I went kayaking with Kail one evening. We rented a tandem kayak for an hour from a place called Ahoy Rentals, from which I also rented the bike.canada, kingston, ontario, lake ontario, kayaking, ahoy rentalsBecause I am a dedicated blogger and wanted to document my adventures in full, I brought my iPhone aboard, safely wrapped in a Ziploc bag and tucked into my shirt.canada, kingston, ontario, lake ontario, kayaking, ahoy rentalsDuckies.Don’t be fooled by these Instagram photos — kayaking is a workout! Even with two of us paddling (and Kail steering), my arms got really tired. I had only been kayaking one either time, on the Potomac River in Washington, DC, and these Canadian waters were definitely a little choppier with a stronger current.canada, kingston, ontario, lake ontario, kayaking, ahoy rentalsKayaking provided a nice way to see Kingston from a different vantage point.It was definitely an active vacation with lots of exercise and physical activity. Which is good because I needed something to counteract all the food I ate! (Don’t worry, a requisite food post is pending.)See more photos from my trip to Kingston, Ontario.Have you ever been kayaking? What are your favorite water sports?

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