Spanish Friday: Publicidad Engañosa


spanish friday, latina-ish, learning spanish Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Antes del medio maratón el fin de semana pasado, tuve que comprar Gu (gel de energía) para tomar durante la carrera. Yo había visto una tienda se llama “Maratón” en el camino al trabajo y finalmente fui a verla.Naturalmente, yo creía que una tienda que se llama “Maratón” vende cosas para correr. Pero no, solo tiene cosas para jugar al tenis.el salvador brewery, el salvador craft beer, cadejo brewing, el salvador beer, el salvador microbrewEsta semana, Kail y yo fuimos al cenar y nos encontramos cerca de una nueva cervecería local, Cadejo Brewing Company. Habíamos visto muchos anuncios alrededor la ciudad pero no sabíamos donde estaba.También, yo había visto mensajes en su página de Facebook — una cuenta atrás — sobre su apertura. La foto arriba tenía una leyenda que decía, “¡T-1, a un día de nuestra apertura!”Pues la vi el domingo, y el lunes estábamos allá. Pero la cervecería no estaba abierta — hubo un evento privado “para la familia” (nos dijeron) para celebrar la apertura.¿Por qué promovería un evento privado en su página de Facebook? Me parece que yo no entendí. (En su defensa, su cerveza ahorita está ofrecida en muchos restaurantes y bars alrededor la ciudad.) Y por qué llama una tienda de tenis “maratón” y no algo así como, “partido”? Algunas cosas no tienen sentido.Como una delicatessen que no hace sandwiches. (Otra historia corta: Esta semana fui a una delicatessen — que tiene una señal que dice “delicatessen” — pensando que pude pedir un sandwich para llevar durante almuerzo. Pero la delicatessen no vende comida preparada, solo para cocinar en casa.)La moraleja de la historia: No confie en todo que ve. ¿Ha sido engañado por publicidad engañosa?English TranslationBefore the half marathon last weekend, I had to buy Gu (energy gel) to take during the race. I had seen a store called “Marathon” on the way to work and finally I went to see it.Naturally, I thought that a store called “Marathon” sells things for running. But no, it only sells things for playing tennis.This week, Kail and I went to dinner and found ourselves near a new local brewery, Cadejo Brewing Company. We had seen many advertisements around the city but didn’t know where it was.Also, I had seen messages on their Facebook page — a countdown — about their opening. The photo above had a caption that said, “T-minus one day until our opening!”Well I saw it on Sunday, and Monday we were there. But the brewery wasn’t open — there was a private event “for the family” (we were told) to celebrate the opening.Why publicize a private event on your Facebook page? It seems I didn’t understand. (In their defense, their beer is now offered at many restaurants and bars around the city.) And why call a tennis store “marathon” and not something like “match”? Some things don’t make sense.Like a delicatessen that doesn’t make sandwiches. (Another short story: This week I went to a delicatessen — that has a sign that says “delicatessen” — thinking I could order a sandwich to go for lunch. But the deli doesn’t sell prepared food, only food to cook at home.)The moral of the story: Don’t trust everything you see. Have you been tricked by false advertising?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

8 thoughts on “Spanish Friday: Publicidad Engañosa

  1. Welcome to El Salvador, right?! 🙂 I’m sure in the next several years as you travel to different places you will find this kind of thing happens other places too!! I can only imagine :). (And were you talking about Kreef??)


  2. Just FYI, Deli’s here are originally from European families (mostly german and italian) and :In Europe, “delicatessen” has a different meaning than in the United States as it designates top-quality (and top-price) foodstuffs, stores and counters. In German-speaking countries a common synonym is Feinkost (“fine food”).Nothing to do with being basically a Fancy (or not so fancy) Subway like in the states.


  3. Hola. Se nota tu progreso.Aquí algunas correcciones:1- Yo había visto una tienda se llama “Maratón” (Yo había visto una tienda LLAMADA “Maratón” )2- Esta semana, Kail y yo fuimos al cenar (… A cenar)3- Habíamos visto muchos anuncios alrededor DE la ciudad4- su cerveza ahorita está ofrecida en muchos restaurantes y bars alrededor la ciudad. (su cerveza ahorita ES ofrecida en muchos restaurantes y BARES alrededor DE la ciudad)Nota: “alrededor de la ciudad” suena raro. Es mejor decir “en muchos restaurantes y bares DE LA ciudad”. A no ser que los restaurantes y bares estén realmente alrededor de la ciudad, es decir, en las afueras de la ciudad. En ese caso sí sería apropiado decir “alrededor de la ciudad”5- pensando que pude pedir un sandwich (pensando que PODIA pedir un sandwich)6- La moraleja de la historia: No confie en todo LO que ve


  4. Just wanted to say sorry about the confusion regarding our opening date. We are a distribution brewery so by opening we meant the day we started delivering to our accounts but it definitely did create some confusion regarding the opening of our tasting room at the brewery (or should I say tasting “terraza”). Anyhow, we opened the terraza a few days later and if you guys haven’t come back yet, please do. Ask for David and first beers are on us.


    1. Thanks, David! We were able to sample the beers during opening week at Bennigan’s at Plaza Futura. I actually went back to the tasting “terraza” on Saturday with my husband and a couple friends. It was fun and the beer was excellent. But, I will still take you up on the offer for a free beer! Next time.Actually I wanted to write about the brewery and maybe take some pictures; I’ll email you separately.


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