Goggles for Round Faces: The Last Year of My Twenties


birthweek, mangolia vanilla cupcakes, cupcakes with green icing¡Feliz cumpleaños a Mí!Today is my birthday. What — is today important for some other reason?I didn’t actually bake myself birthday cupcakes. I baked the cupcakes pictured above — and a couple batches of Heath Bar brownies — for a cookout Sunday. But it turns out 10 people don’t really need two dozen cupcakes and as many brownies, so we had a surplus of desserts.I guess I went a little overboard because I was excited to have our HHE and all my baking supplies. Whatever.My birthday may be today, but the celebration began in earnest a week ago with the commencement of my birthweek, something Kail was skeptical of until he experienced it himself for the first time. I won’t list all of the gifts Kail got me because nobody likes a braggart, but I will share an anecdote about one present because a) I want to illustrate the range of gifts — small and practical to slightly higher-end, nicer things — lest you think I’m terribly spoiled (I am) and b) it’s funny.swimming goggles, goggles for wide facesGoogles: “Anatomically designed for an individual fit.”This is how the conversation went when I opened my present:

Me: Googles!Kail: And they’re specially designed for round faces.Me: How do you know?Kail: Because I Googled “goggles for round faces” and these came up.

When I write my memoir chronicling my adventures as a Foreign Service spouse, that is going to be its title.I guess I should explain that I have an abnormally large head/round face and it’s hard to find hats and glasses and goggles that fit. In fact, these are not the first pair of goggles that Kail has purchased as a gift for me: He bought me onion goggles for some occasion last year to prevent my eyes from tearing up while chopping onions. But my face is so round that they don’t sit flush against my face, allowing air (and onion vapors) to reach my eyes. I guess I can wear these new swimming goggles to chop onions.OK, I lied: I am going to brag a little. Behold: birthweek presents:birthweek presents, birthday presents collageYes, that is a Hello Kitty Snuggie (well actually, it’s not the true Snuggie brand, but it is a blanket with sleeves) and yes, those are folders for commemorative coins because I once accidentally revealed to Kail (after we were already engaged, obvs) that I used to collect the different state quarters when they first started coming out. And I thought I had them in our HHE somewhere but I couldn’t find them so now I have to start over on top of the National Parks collection! And now you know that I’m a huge nerd, if you had any doubts before. Don’t judge me.Do you have a secret nerdy hobby that you were previously embarrassed about but are now willing to share with the interwebs? Or — separate topic: What are you doing to celebrate my birthday Election Day?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

22 thoughts on “Goggles for Round Faces: The Last Year of My Twenties

  1. That hello kitty snuggie is really one of the best things i have ever seen! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODDIE I love you and miss you to pieces.


    1. And they go perfectly with the note cards you sent me! And the socks you bought me last year. And all the other accessories/items I have from Sanrio. Haha. I love you and miss you!


  2. my favorite line in your whole post: “I once accidentally revealed to Kail (after we were already engaged, obvs) that I used to collect the different state quarters when they first started coming out.” Made me crack up. Happy Happy Happy Birthday and that snuggie is seriously amazing. Might have to buy the goggles for Chris. I’ve been trying to buy him hats since approximately 3 weeks after we started dating–to no avail.


  3. Happy Happy Birthday! Although I didn’t plan to do anything for your bday, would it make you pleased if I told you that for your bday I ate chips, fruit snacks, and cookies for lunch? Horrible, I know… I just did not want to make lunch today for some reason!I, too, am a big ole nerd. What makes me nerdy is probably my sense of humor. I love puns. I will laugh if you say, “Do” twice. I love making faces and especially inventing different voices. I’m usually the only one laughing, unfortunately, but the way I see it, life is too short to take it too seriously. I love to make others laugh, even if it’s at my expense. My husband calls me a dork and I wear that badge proudly. =)Hope you have the best birthday!


    1. Thank you! I had a cupcake for breakfast if that makes you feel any better. :)Kail and I often have this conversation:Kail/me: blah blah duty blah blahKail/me: Haha … you said “duty.”


  4. Happy birthday Loo!!!! I have a boring plaid snuggie but I’m obsessed! Kail did you well good thing u marriaged him he’s a keeper! [insert spatula pose] hope you have a great time at your party tonight!!! Get crazy and write about it tomorrow 🙂


  5. Love Love Love the snuggie! El don’t worry too much about texting boys, just say whatever is short and sweet that pops up in your head 🙂


  6. For your birthday I hosted a spouses brunch with tons of baked goodies and an amazing arroz con leche! Felicidades!!! =P I love your presents! My Bday is coming up, too!!! I doubt the hubs will be as creative as yours but he did just get me my computer. That will work, for now! hahah ONce agian, felicidades!


    1. ¡Gracias, amiga! Sounds like a yummy brunch. A computer is a pretty good present! I bought myself a new laptop last year for my birthday (before I was married). Otherwise that would have been on my list! 😉


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