La Estación de Las Lluvias


rainy season, estacion de las lluvias, el salvador weather, san salvador weather, raindrops, puddlesIt’s la estación de las lluvias, or rainy season. For a couple hours a day — usually in the afternoon/evening but sometimes in the morning or late at night when we’re tucked snugly in our bed — the blue sky and sunshine suddenly disappear and ominous clouds roll in, resulting in torrential downpours, lightning and thunder.rainy season, estacion de las lluvias, raindrops, el salvador weather, san salvador weatherOn our first evening in town, not long after we had arrived to our apartment, our power went out for a few minutes — literally just as I stepped into the shower. But there is a small window in our bathroom so there was some light from outside, and the power came back on shortly thereafter. Note to self: Keep candles and matches in the bathroom.Luckily, that has been the only brown-out we’ve experienced so far.rainy season, estacion de las lluvias, el salvador weather, san salvador weather, fogFog obscures the volcano before a storm.rainy season, estacion de las lluvias, el salvador weather, san salvador weather, fogJust as quickly as the storm clouds roll in, they disappear.The climate is much more pleasant than I expected. I was bracing myself for 95% humidity and sweltering temperatures — much like the swamp that is Washington, DC in August.But temperatures have been in the mid-80s, and while it’s been warm, it hasn’t been hot. At night, the air is cool and at times, slightly chilly. During the day sunshine abounds, allowing plenty of time at the pool or beach, of which we definitely have taken advantage.pilsener, cerveza nacional, costa del solIt’s like my own personal Corona commercial, minus the Corona, add a PilsenerAnd while I enjoy the sounds and sights of rain from the comfort of my apartment, I am looking forward to the start of la estación seca, the dry season, next month. Because you know what doesn’t protect you from the chapparones (downpours )of the rainy season? A small, purse-sized umbrella.What’s your favorite season? I love autumn, which I’m sad to be missing in DC!

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

13 thoughts on “La Estación de Las Lluvias

  1. Me gustaron mucho las fotos! A mi tambien me gusta mucho el oton-o pero tengo mas de 3 an-os de no disfrutarlo! Espero que en nuestro siguiente pais haya cuatro estaciones!


  2. Love the photos!Enjoy rainy season… When it’s dry season you’re going to be hot. LOL, (honestly, as much as Salvadorans complain of the heat at that time of year, as someone born and raised in the DC area, I agree that El Salvador’s heat has NOTHING on our humidity. I would trade any day!)


    1. Thanks! Haha yeah I was expecting much worse in terms of heat and humidity. I was prepared to always have frizzy hair but I’ve actually worn it straightened a few times! I guess we’ll see what dry season has in store. I have noticed that San Salvador is much cooler than it is near the airport or beach.


      1. Victor says it’s not that San Salvador isn’t hot, it’s that the part of the city you live in is on a hill and known to be much more comfortable that other areas – you lucky duck!


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