¡Estamos Aquí!


We’re here!Quetzaltepec, El Salvador VolcanoOh, just the view of the San Salvador Volcano (Quetzaltepec) from our apartment. NBD.San Salvador cityscape, El Salvador photosGood morning, San Salvador! View from our balcony.We spent the weekend settling in, meeting people and trying to get acquainted with our new home. Oh, and going to the beautiful beach pictured below. As such, I didn’t have much time for writing. I’ll have more detailed updates to share later this week, including how I’ve learned that I don’t really speak Spanish anymore.el salvador beach, jewel of the pacific, beach resorts el salvadorJoya del Pacifico beach.P.S. I updated my blog header with some new photos.

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

14 thoughts on “¡Estamos Aquí!

  1. It looks beautiful!! Glad you guys made it safely. Definitely started laughing at your “I don’t really speak Spanish anymore” comment. If that means what I think it means – I’ve so been there (good luck)! 🙂


    1. It is. I can’t get over the view. Sunrise has been pretty early here (it’s up before I get up, which so far has been around 6) and it’s beautiful. The downside is it gets completely dark by like 6 p.m. and consequently always feels really late.


      1. Hm, both times we went to El Salvador was in August and I never noticed what time the sun came up and went down… Do you know, does it change to longer days during the dry season just like we have longer summer days in the DC area?(I suck at science so this may be a completely ignorant question!… I imagine it changes for everyone in the world to varying degrees at different times of the year?)I think Salvadorans also don’t mess around with daylight savings time, so I wonder how that affects one’s perception of time.


      2. Trust me: I am no scientist either! The days here are definitely longer since we’re closer to the equator, but since we’re not AT the equator it’s not evenly split with 12-hour days/nights. So yes, I think it’s similar to DC where during some seasons (or I guess one season, the dry season, since there are only two!), the days are longer and in the other, they are shorter. But I haven’t verified that so don’t take my word!I do know that El Salvador does not observe daylight savings time so right now the time difference is two hours from the east coast, but once you guys “fall back” when daylight savings time ends, we’ll only be an hour behind.


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