DC Food Bucket List Update


brasserie beck, belgian food, musselsWild Mushroom, Applewood-Smoked Bacon & Truffle Cream mussels at Brasserie Beck.You may recall that Kail and I have a DC food bucket list of places to eat before departing for post. As departure time is fast-approaching, I feel it’s necessary to update the list and strategize about where we want to spend our final meals in Washington, DC.There are only so many meals in a day, and only so many days in a week — meaning we really need to prioritize. It’s a serious issue.tacklebox, hookDollar-oyster happy hour at Tacklebox in Georgetown.Behold, The List:Mandatory

garlic bread, district of pi, chicago pizzaDistrict of Pi has a tasty garlic bread appetizer served with an entire bulb of spreadably soft roasted garlic.Optional

mortons steakhouseMorton’s hamburger.We’ve updated the list with a few new additions as well:

  • Zorba’s Cafe (Greek — yum)
  • District Commons (we celebrated my FSI graduation here)
  • Taqueria Poblano (authentic Mexican in Del Ray)
  • The Dairy Godmother (because what better dessert after Mexican food than frozen custard?)
  • Super Pollo (Kail went on a Peruvian chicken field trip here for lunch with his Spanish class and I was super-jealous!)
  • Morton’s (arguably the best hamburger in DC — yes, I ordered a hamburger at a steakhouse, as I’ve actually only been here for business lunches and happy hours)
  • Pupuseria Doña Azucena (we need to acclimate ourselves to Salvadoran cuisine)
  • Ledo Pizza (this didn’t make the original list because it’s practically a staple of my diet, but I love it so much it belongs on here — and I need to have it one more time before we move!)

Honestly, it’s been so long since we’ve enjoyed some of our longstanding favorites that we may need to revisit some of the places we’ve already crossed off. What?! I know. Crazy.I also debated adding Chipotle to the list because it seems to be something a lot of people miss abroad. What other DC/American restaurants do you miss overseas?

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8 thoughts on “DC Food Bucket List Update

    1. ¡Pero tú acababas de viajar en Europa y Mexico y comías comida deliciosa! We are looking forward to our last few days in DC, but are also excited about discovering new Salvadoran foods!


  1. So far we haven’t had any specific cravings, but I will tell you what VA restaurants we enjoyed. We frequented La Union, District Taco, El Pollo Rico, and Pupatella. I hate to add another pizza joint to your list, but Pupatella is authentic Neapolitan pizza. http://www.pupatella.com/_/home/home.htmlI never left without also having gelato on a cone for dessert.The waiters at La Union seem to know everyone and they serve Mexican-Salvadoran dishes. http://www.launionrestaurant.com/We are suckers for breakfast tacos! Our actual all-time favorite place to get these are back in TX at a place called Tres Magueyes, which is a total hole-in-the-wall joint, but they have the cheapest and best-tasting breakfast tacos! District Taco comes in 2nd place for me, but were still good… with a little salt added. We would go around 9 or 10am on Sundays when there were no lines. http://www.districttaco.com/Finally, I really enjoyed the peruvian chicken at El Pollo Rico. http://www.welovethischicken.com/OMG, don’t even get me started on that mayonnaise dip they serve. My husband would mix it with the diced jalepenos. Great. Now my mouth is watering at 9am. 😉


    1. Um, YUM! All of these places sound great. There is a new District Taco downtown near Metro Center and that is definitely on our lunch list this last week. Sadly, we will be sans car so it will be a little more difficult for us to get around — particularly outside the city. Thanks for the recommendations!


  2. We adore Ledo’s Pizza as well. I love this list so much! Having lived in Arlington I am not familiar with lots of these DC places but you should give Lost Dog Cafe a run if you are in Arlington. Best Chicken and Corn Chowder ever…and pizza…and sandwiches. Also, if you make it to Sweet Water Tavern for that pork chop fix your hubby needs, you simply must order the white chocolate bread pudding dessert. It comes with a rum sauce and is the most delicious dessert. I would always order the chop house salad so I’d have room for dessert there! Oh and in November they have a really nice pumpkin ale they brew!


    1. Oh Lost Dog! I don’t know why that wasn’t on the list. Sadly, I don’t think we are going to make it out to the ‘burbs for Sweet Water Tavern since we’re spending our final nights in DC. But I love bread pudding so I’ll keep that in mind for the future!


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