Fun with Vaccinations

One not-so-fun part about moving to a developing country is the myriad vaccinations you have to get to inoculate against various diseases. As soon as I figured out my regular class schedule, I dutifully scheduled an appointment for my immunizations at the FSI health unit.On the List of Posts That Require the Most Shots (Note: This list does not exist. I don’t think.), El Salvador ranks pretty low. You might need your routine booster if you aren’t up to date on your immunizations, but it’s pretty standard.rabies vaccine, hepatitis a vaccine, tetanus vaccine, typhoid vaccine, travel vaccine, what shots do i need for el salvadorI’m not a total wimp, but I’m not fearless when it comes to shots either. After the TB incident, however, I am willing to sign up for any and all vaccinations that are offered.Hepatitis A inoculation? Yes, please. Three-shot rabies vaccine? Con mucho gusto. Typhoid immunization? Don’t mind if I doTetanus booster? I’ll take two. I only need one? Give me two anyway. Wait — who are you calling? No need to do that — I’m only joking. OK, I’ll put the syringe down. I’m sorry.Tomorrow I have my second of three pre-departure appointments at the FSI health unit to receive the above series of immunization shots. I had my first appointment last week, during which I received a three-shot cocktail of the tetanus, hep A #1 and rabies #1 vaccines. Tomorrow I receive the second rabies shot, which the nurse described to me as “the worst one,” which is why it’s getting its own day.I still need to schedule my third appointment to receive the final installment of the rabies series as well as the typhoid vaccine. Then at some point in El Salvador (six months from my first appointment), I’ll need the second hepatitis A shot. So there’s that to look forward to.Do you know if you’re up to date on your immunizations? (I had to dig up a bunch of medical records from when I went to college MORE THAN A DECADE AGO.) Are you brave with needles?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

2 thoughts on “Fun with Vaccinations

  1. Oh, so many shots! My parents hadn’t saved any of my childhood records so I had to get *everything* since we were going to Burundi. And I got a lot of the side effects. I actually had measles spots and mumps on the side of my body that I got the shot on for a couple days. Totally worth it though, as I’ve been relatively healthy overseas, and after getting the dog bite only needing two rabies boosters in the arm was a lot easier than the alternative. You’re lucky you can get the rabies vaccine in the U.S. When we needed it there was a worldwide shortage and we had to wait for a year after arriving in Burundi before we could get it.Also before leaving for Burundi, I had a wisdom tooth extracted. My last couple months in D.C. are a blur of needles and pain relievers.


    1. Oh man. I am a wimp! I am especially thankful for the rabies vaccine after reading about your dog bite situation. I am lucky that I happened to have copies of college entrance immunizations; otherwise who knows what I would have had to do.


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