Things I’m Going to Miss About America: Niche Dessert Establishments


dc cupcakes, cupcake wars, american food, best cupcakesCupcakes, frozen yogurt and macaroons, oh my!I’ve had this post drafted in my head for a while, but I wanted to space out food-related posts so you wouldn’t think I’m THAT gluttonous. But I am. So it probably won’t surprise you that I’m going to miss America’s niche dessert establishments.frozen yogurt, american foodI’m not talking about bakeries or your run-of-the-mill ice cream parlor (although, YUM!). I’m talking about las tiendas de postre that specialize in one,  — MAYBE two — items: cupcakeries, by-the-ounce frozen yogurt shops, restaurants and/or food trucks that sell JUST pies or JUST macaroons …You know, all the things that appear in hip D.C. neighborhoods years after they became a trend in New York. And then get their own TV show.georgetown cupcake, cupcake wars, american food, best cupcakesI FINALLY had Georgetown Cupcake for the first time recently. It wasn’t for lack of trying — I just never had the patience to stand in a line that wrapped around the block. As luck would have it, I was invited to a birthday party (for a two-year-old) where Georgetown Cupcake was served.Then, last week, Kail and I decided to try our luck at Georgetown Cupcake on a weeknight and the line actually wasn’t that long. It was out the door, but not by much. We had a gift card for a dozen cupcakes that he had won at a silent auction a couple years ago, and we put it to good use:dc cupcakes, cupcake wars, american food, best cupcakesI’m gonna say it: I like Sprinkles cupcakes better. I have been a loyal Sprinkles fan since the Los Angeles-based cupcakery opened its Georgetown store in early 2011. And not just because a couple dozen were sent to my office as a gift shortly thereafter, allowing me to sample multiple flavors. The quality of their cupcakes and frosting is just better. And I don’t just mean bigger and sweeter, although their buttercream frosting is SO good. Also, THIS.CUPCAKE ATM!!!!!!I mean really.If I was judging cupcakes solely based on size and sugar content, Crumbs would take the cake (get it?). You can get packages of mini cupcakes loaded with all kinds of frosting or sugar, or giant ones the size of your face.Georgetown Cupcake, dc cupcakes, cupcake wars, best cupcakes, american foodI’ve frequented my share of niche dessert establishments in DC: In addition to Georgetown Cupcake, Sprinkles and Crumbs, I’ve sampled Hello Cupcake, Red Velvet, Frozen Yo, Tangysweet, Pinkberry, Mr. Yogato, Yogen Fruz, Yogiberry, 32 Below, the Sweet Lobby, Dangerously Delicious Pies (though they sell sweet and savory pies so I guess I technically can’t count it as a dessert place — same with crêperies, but everyone knows sweet crêpes > savory crêpes) … the list is endless.My favorite dessert place of all time is not, however, solely a dessert establishment (unfortunately, they have sullied their menu with things like salads): Arch’s Frozen Yogurt in Charlottesville, Va.What’s your favorite dessert place? (And if you’re one of those “I don’t really like sweets” people then you are dead to me.)

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11 thoughts on “Things I’m Going to Miss About America: Niche Dessert Establishments

    1. THE UJ! I forgot if I told you — on our minimoon they were OUT of one of the croosh ingredients (PB cup or heath, I can’t remember) so I couldn’t get it. I was really disappointed. But I was still happy since I had just gotten married. And I got an Arch Angel instead.


  1. I want to cry every time I see your thing’s I’m going to miss about America posts. All of the things you’ve posted are things I already miss =P! We do have excellent frozen yoghourt here in Jakarta. Macarons are definitely lacking in quality and variety and cupcakes are either too sweet or not sweet at all. That’s why we make our own cupcakes and I’m still working on perfecting macarons… Disfruta mientras puedas!


    1. Sorry to rub it in! I’m definitely trying to appreciate everything we have while we’re still here. I know I’ll be doing a lot more baking at home once we leave, but I enjoy it so that’s good!


  2. As a fellow sweet-toother, I feel sad that you won’t have these sweet treats at your disposal 😦 BUT! Maybe El Salvador has some delicious desserts we don’t even know about yet?! Crossing my fingers for you…


    1. That’s what I’m hoping! I know there will be lots of interesting and delicious foods to sample.


  3. Karl’s and Kline’s are two exceptional ice cream places from my college days. Luckily my favorite pastry chef will be accompanying me to El Salvador.


    1. Aw, thanks! You have to say that I suppose. I knew you would take issue with my leaving Carl’s off the list, but ice cream isn’t “niche” enough. It’s my favorite dessert though!


    1. You should! Haha. I don’t know if I will be back in Cville before we go. Might have to make a special trip!


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