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salvadoran beer, international beer, rehearsal dinner beerBefore Kail and I knew we were moving to El Salvador, we discovered a refreshing cerveza called REGIA. It happened, as chance meetings often do, at a happy hour with some of my coworkers. One of them regularly plays the guitar and sings at a quaint little establishment in Mount Pleasant, Haydee’s, where Christmas décor is up year-round and there is Salvadoran cuisine and beer on the menu. (The music, incidentally, is mostly singer-songwriter-y American folk music, though he has been known to play “Feliz Navidad,” both during the holidays and not.)Haydee’s has two Salvadoran beers: REGIA and Suprema. REGIA, it turns out, only comes in 32 oz. bottles. This we discovered only after ordering. We’ve been back to Haydee’s a few times, and naturally we always get it. Once we found out we’re being posted to San Salvador, however, REGIA became that much more special to us (more than a well-priced beer, even).It became our quest to find and serve REGIA at our rehearsal dinner. We’d been planning to serve beers from trips we’ve been on/places that are special to us, so already on tap (get it?) were beers by Anderson Valley Brewing Company, Goose Island Beer Company, Founders Brewing Company, Bells Brewery, Port City Brewing Company, Starr Hill Brewery and DC Brau Brewing Company. REGIA would just be icing on the cake … or, er, frosting on the pint glass.salvadoran beer, regiaWe searched high and low: Total Beverage, World Market and other “speciality” grocery stores. My friend Todd finally suggested Shopper’s, a suburban DC grocery chain (at least I think it’s only located here) that carries a lot of unique international foods. And of course, they have it.salvadoran beer, rehearsal dinner beerInterestingly, not all area Shopper’s stores carry REGIA. Also interestingly, it took me MONTHS to realize that the beer is called “REGIA” with an “i” and not “Regla,” with an “el.” I was pronouncing it “Regla” that whole time. One last tidbit for you, readers: Neither REGIA nor Suprema is the “official beer of El Salvador,” I was disappointed to learn. It’s a beer called “Pilsener of El Salvador.”So tell me: What are your favorite beers?

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10 thoughts on “Salvadoran Beer

  1. Regia! Have no fear, by the time you get to El Salvador, there will be one or two craft breweries open. Here’s the website for one, that is in the process of opening.


    1. I started following Brew Revolution after you mentioned it before — I saw that they just opened last week! So that’s exciting. I’m curious: Does Regia only come in 32-ounce bottles even in El Salvador?


  2. […] The highlight of my presentation was undoubtedly the slide on customs and traditions, including food and beer (I took those top three photos at Haydee’s in Mount Pleasant last week, which as you know I like to frequent for its excellent live music and Salvadoran beer). […]


    1. Someone told me that Regia is only served around Christmastime here. I know of at least one restaurant in DC, Haydees in Mount Pleasant, that has Regia y Suprema. No Pilsener though. I prefer Pilsener to Suprema. Haven’t tried Golden. Those seem to the be three main cervezas here.


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