Things I’m Going to Miss About America: Costco


This is probably going to be the first in an occasional series of posts on things I’m going to miss about America (other than family and friends, that is).Ah, Costco. My husband and I live very close to a Costco. Like, within walking distance. You might be wondering why anyone would ever want to walk to Costco, given that you can only purchase things in mass quantities, which makes for difficult shopping trips on foot. I will answer that in multiple parts.costco hot dog, america, expat life, american shopping1. The Costco Food Court. Costco’s food court food is extremely inexpensive and quite tasty. Not remotely healthy though, so if you’re counting calories or say, dieting because you’re about to get married, it’s probably not the best option. (Post-wedding though, feel free to let yourself go.) My husband and I have eaten lunches, dinners and even just desserts at Costco. We have been known to spend a quiet Friday night enjoying a home-cooked meal, then walking over to Costco to get frozen yogurt and perusing the warehouse’s many aisles. Exciting lives we lead.2. Free Samples. Let’s say you actually wanted to go to Costco to shop and not just enjoy their fast food (or as my husband would say, “Good food, fast.”). Your appetite can still be satiated by Costco’s many free samples — everything from vitamin-packed smoothies to treats from their bakery to sample entrées.costco, expat life, american shopping, costco shopping3. Stuff You Didn’t Think You Needed, But Do. Costco is, after all, a gigantic warehouse filled with STUFF. Most of it in bulk. And all of it relatively inexpensive. Electronics, books, snacks, food staples, beer, a decent wine selection, household products, baked goods, meats galore, clothes, toiletries, over-the-counter medications … the list goes on and on. I mean, where else can you buy a four-month supply of toilet paper, a new TV, seasons 1 and 2 of “Downtown Abbey” and a chocolate model of the U.S. Capitol?costco shopping, costco clothes, american shopping, expat lifeIt actually works well to just walk over and buy a handful an armful of items and just walk back. We’d feel silly driving the short distance, and getting our car out of the garage, driving to the parking lot entrance and finding parking would probably take as long as, if not longer than, walking. The other night, for example, we strolled over for some frozen yogurt and left with a cookbook (Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast: Weeknight Meals: Over 280 Incredible Supper Solutions — for the nights we’re not eating at Costco), a three-pound package of cream cheese that I thought I would need to make more maple cream cheese frosting for my carrot cake (but ended up not needing after all), yogurt (Dannon Light & Fit, not frozen) and a couple bottles of wine.I’ve heard there is some kind of bulk-food shop in San Salvador, a “Costco-like” store. But make no mistake, my friends, there is only one Costco. Don’t even get my husband started on Costco vs. BJ’s vs. Sam’s Club. Yes, we actually talk about this.What about you: What things would you (/do you) miss about America?

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16 thoughts on “Things I’m Going to Miss About America: Costco

  1. Let’s not forget that you can also get prescription eyeglasses and car tires.We need watch the documentary from CNBC, “The Costco Craze”.


      1. Also some Costcos has self-checkout. Don’t get me started because I wouldn’t be able to stop.


  2. Oh my gosh, Dan and I love Costco! I can only let myself go there once a month or else I’d spend every last cent on Costco goods. I agree that the food is awesome. When I worked at the County, I used to go to the Costco in Fairfax for lunch 😉 The margarita pizza and vanilla frozen yogurt are my favorite.


    1. Hi Sarah! I’m glad I’m not we aren’t the only couple. Ah, the Fair Lakes Costco — that was the one my family went to when I was growing up. Costcos (like many chain restaurants and big box stores) get better the farther out into the suburbs you go.


  3. I looove Costco and I miss it so much! I love the Kirkland brand Chipotle and Raspberry Sauce, and their chocolate is really good. When I go visit my parents in MX I always buy vanilla extract and Carter’s clothes for the boys! Enjoy it while you can and remember you have a UAB you can fill with Costco goodies!


    1. I’m glad to know others share my love of Costco! We will be definitely be stocking up! Kirkland chocolate IS so good — I bought salted milk chocolate caramels there last year and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere since.


  4. […] Of course there is tea and laundry detergent and toilet paper and mascara and all kinds of other things available to us in Kabul. But from what we’ve heard, there’s usually one kind of tea and one kind of toilet paper and one kind of mascara — and often at a much more expensive price than what you can purchase in bulk at the mecca of mass purchases: Costco. […]


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