Nuestra Boda Es El Sábado


Translation: OMFG I AM GETTING MARRIED ON SATURDAY! Our wedding is Saturday.DIY wedding card basket, wedding ribbons, reception ideasI am calm, cool and collected. I even made the above receptacle in which to collect wedding cards during our reception. Well I didn’t actually weave the basket together but I did tie two types of ribbon around it and made the card that says “cards.” I’m crafty.What’s that? You thought this was more like a travel blog and not a wedding blog? Minor details. I promise after the wedding — well, after I post ONE more time about the wedding, complete with pictures — I will be strictly focused on the content of my blog as advertised: Expat life as a foreign service wife.And I will actually be a foreign service wife. Married to a foreign service officer! Except I won’t be an expatriate yet. Hey, one step at a time.I will have some exciting news to report (in addition to wedding photos and a quick recap of our wedding weekend/minimoon) in the coming weeks:

  • I hope to firm up my plans for enrolling in an intensive language course;
  • Pending the above, I will be able to officially notify my employer of my plans to leave (along with a timeframe); and
  • I will begin my overseas job search/career planning in earnest.

Also: I am hoping to take tennis lessons. So there’s that.Next time I write I will be a married woman! ¡Hasta luego! 

Published by La Vie Overseas

I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

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