Embracing Change


wedding flowers, wedding tulips, spring wedding, seasonal flowersI am getting married in less than two weeks.That is pretty crazy! Prior to embarking on our our  overseas adventure, my fiancé and I of course have to get married. Not “have to,” but marriage is just one item on a long list of changes — some relatively minor, such as opening a joint bank account, and some pretty big adjustments, such as moving in together — that will occur between now and late summer.It’s all very exciting and, for me at least, anxiety-inducing. I don’t shun all change, but I’m not usually one to embrace it either — particularly if it’s coupled with a host of uncertainty, as these next few months of my life are. I realize that people go through major life changes all the time: marriage, career switches, cross-country and even international moves — not to mention births, deaths and other events both joyous and tragic in nature which I’m not even facing right now.But to me, it feels like everything is happening all at once. Which is both exciting and terrifying. So for super-Type A control freaks people with a penchant for planning ahead like me, we cling for dear life to the things we can control: wedding checklists and itineraries, guest lists and seating charts, flowers and color palettes. You know, all the really important things.Meanwhile, weightier matters such as marriage and career and life abroad — things for which there is no clear path forward and “preparation” is less defined — are relegated to the dark corners of the internets on this blog.I’m trying to embrace change. Trying to push the boundaries of my detail-oriented, plan-ahead self by uprooting and moving to a different country without an itinerary or checklist. OK, that’s not entirely true — I may or may not have already devised multiple checklists related to the move itself to make sure we get everything done that we need to (i.e. getting required vaccinations, obtaining extra prescriptions, etc.). But in terms of what’s going to happen once we’re there — that is the big unknown.And it’s OK. Because while we’re uprooting from our lives here, we’ll be establishing new roots and a life together there. A life, overseas.Also: I will have more interesting things to write about other than my pre-marriage/pre-move angst.

Published by La Vie Overseas

I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

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